ParkLife Glam

What should I wear!?

Madame or monsieur will look fabulous whatever you choose. Avec!


Really, madames et monsieurs, CTFO.

I caaaaaan'ttt! Teeeelll meeee!!!

Madame's keyboard appears to be suffering from the Chardonnay spillage the other evening...

Since you ask so politely... Here is a mood board which will put you in good stead.

(Incoherent wailing)

Madam's enthusiasm is palpable and commendable.

Classic Picnic Near Hanging Rock

Too much or too little? You decide.

Perhaps too much? (Up top)

Above: Too much up top?

Perhaps too little? (Up top)

Above: Too little up top?

No alt text for this one

Above: Pretty in Pink

Man muffin

Above: Pretty

Above: His point was - maybe never jeans? I think he's delusional. Other hints in the interview.


Mary's favourite cos it's kinda awful:
A Dress A Day: Picnic in the Park Dress (Day 7) | Visions of Vogue

Tristan Will Wear Shorts

In tasteful nude/bone. Tasteful. Not really sorta naked-looking. And not that bone. (Plus a non-black shirt. I know, right!?)